That Further Shore

Why have we not been able to achieve these goals since we made them?  What holds us back from making our goals a reality?

Sarah Arnot, in her first book, That Further Shore, attempts to explain this and goes further by providing a 5-step framework on how to move towards achieving one’s goals step by step.

Sarah, with her more than twenty five years of international experience with globally renowned companies and leaders, brings a new perspective to moving your goals from your thoughts towards reality.

Sarah couples her unique experience from her international career and as a high performance athlete, to facilitate your journey towards success, excellence and freedom.

Her 5-step framework includes: reviewing your past year, setting your themes for the year ahead, identifying your priorities, setting your own goals and turning your plans into actions.

What makes this book different?  Sarah explains it simply saying, “This approach is not just about helping you to achieve your goals; it’s about getting your focus right so that your goals align with your values and what really matters to you now…. Choosing your focus is the key to success.”

That Further Shore is a unique combination of cognitive and behavioural theory, practical examples and a simple process which can help you move towards your goals to build that life you dream off.  “In your small victories and continuous movement, you find empowerment which gives you the confidence and courage to move towards your bigger goals,” says Sarah.

That Further Shore is published by KR